Bug War 3

Description: Bug War 3 is a Shooting Games game on 6bob.net.

Bug War 2 Game 

Insect aficionados will certainly love this game. In the game, insects come in varying sizes and shapes but one common factor; being merciless warriors. To play the game, begin by picking your favorite race, breed an army and dominate the battlefield. 

The Goal of Bug War 2 

As mentioned before, hatch your insect army breed, fight for their survival and dominate the battlefield. Colonize and annihilate the enemy. Keep the enemies at bay from overrunning your posts by spreading them from one area to another. 

How to Play Bug War 2 

Use the mouse to play the game. Drag the mouse pointer from your base to the target’s building to send units to the colony. Drag the pointer all over the colonies to select multiple colonies. Cast magic by pressing A or clicking on the energy bar once the energy bar is full. 

How to Win Bug War 2 

Winning this game requires that you annihilate the enemy.