Dogfight 2

Description: Dogfight 2 is a Shooting Games game on

Dogfight 2 Game 

Dogfight 2 is the second part of the terrific initial game where you are the pilot of an aircraft based on the second world war. The game comes with a multitude of missions to complete. All are intriguing. 

The Goal of Dogfight 2 

In this game, you are fighting for the Germans. To achieve the goal, get rid of the enemy in the second world war to restore peace and freedom. 

How to Play Dogfight 2 

Playing this game is quite interesting. Use the arrow keys to fly, space bar to shoot or fire, P to pause and control to drop bombs. 

How to Win Dogfight 2 

To win this game, perform various aerial moves and maneuvers, eliminate all targets and destroy the enemy to win. Use low attacks, cloud coverage and loops to stump other pilots as the ultimate world war winner.