Flalls 2017

Description: Flalls 2017 is a Sports Games game on 6bob.net.

Flalls Game 

Flalls is yet another colorful arcade game that comes with enthralling gameplay and excellent graphics. In the game, you will have to help two teams get to their game field in a limited period. 

The Goal of Flalls

Flalls is an amazing game with excellent and simply achievable goals. As mentioned, two teams are finding their way to the purposed game field. Guide the blue balls to the blue field and the yellow balls to the yellow field to reach the goal.  

How to Play Flalls 

Flalls is played using the mouse. Guide the hole in the bar to appropriate color balls. Left click to change its direction of travel or activate the twister. 

How to Win Flalls

To win the game, you should guide both balls to suitable game fields. Note that there are various challenges to overcome to win. Good luck and have fun!!