Penguinz 2

Description: Penguinz 2 is a Shooting Games game on

Penguinz Game  

Penguinz game adds to the many fighting games available currently. The game has 15 enemies with 4 bosses based in Antarctica. Can you defeat them? 

The Goal of Penguinz 

Penguinz has a simple game goal. You have to kill all the 15 enemies and 4 bosses to achieve the goal of this game. 

How to Play Penguinz 

Controls of this game are simple. Use the arrow keys to jump and move, the mouse to aim and fire and P for added controls such as changing music and sound options. 

How to Win Penguinz 

Control the game effectively to win this game. Kill all the 19 enemies as you fight through the Antarctica. Take out the Penguinz king by buying new weapons and upgrades to enhance your arsenals. There are 33 upgrades, 9 weapons, and 6 special upgrades. 

Happy fighting!!