Raze 2

Description: Raze 2 is a Shooting Games game on 6bob.net.

Raze Game

Raze provides a chance of the ultimate war of man versus creatures. Begin by choosing your favorite side before proceeding to the battle. Acquire an arsenal of high powered weapons to obliterate the enemy. 

The Goal of Raze 

Battle and win against the aliens, zombies, and robots in the pending futuristic fight for survival. Ensure that you destroy the enemy to achieve the goal of Raze. 

How to Play Raze 

Like other fights and mission games, playing Raze involves multiple controls. That said, the controls include: 

Arrow keys/WASD for movement 

Space to jump 

P or control to pause 

Tab key to view scores 

0 – 9/ Enter/ Shift to select weapons 

How to Win Raze 

Use your weapons to destroy all enemies to win this game. Train, face missions and learn how to win. Try all modes of war for expertise and experience.