Roly Poly Eliminator 2

Description: Roly Poly Eliminator 2 is a Puzzle Games game on

Roly Poly Eliminator Game  

The Roly Poly Eliminator is yet another platform to eliminate the Roly-Poly and make them disappear once again. Developed by Johnny K, this online puzzle game is quite easy to understand yet intriguing to master. 

The Goal of Roly Poly Eliminator 

The goal of this game is to eliminate all the evil Roly polys without hurting the friendly roly polys. The puzzles are in 30 levels which must be completed logically. 

How to Play Roly Poly Eliminator 

This is an interactive game that involves multiple controls. Use the mouse to navigate through the game, left click to interact with the game and spacebar to reset the level. 

How to Win Roly Poly Eliminator 

Logically complete the 30 levels of this game to win this game. Note that the toughness increased with increasing game level.